Why – Become a GreenValue partner

There are 3 main reasons for being a GreenValue Delivery Partner.

1. Get Qualified Leads

Our Consultant Partners generate leads for you. Using the GreenValue software tools with their clients, they identify green projects that are likely to provide a good return on investment. Their next step is to pass that lead to a GreenValue Delivery Partner with the products, skills and services to perform a detailed survey and implement the project, achieving the maximum benefits for the clients.

2. Reduce the cost of sales

How much do you spend on sales and finding good quality leads? It’s generally an expensive business. Being a Delivery Partner changes all that. Our Consultant Partners find the leads for you and you have just two costs:

  1. performing a free audit (which you can recover on winning the business).
  2. a percentage of the project charges

3. A large sales force acting for you

Our Consultant Partner network will be acting for you, selling your products and services. So, suddenly, you have a much expanded sales team to bring in good opportunities for you.