Why – should your business go green

Capture financial returns by addressing climate change


There are so many ways that your business can save money by going green, the question is not should you go green, but what is the most effective way for your business to go green.

Here are just some examples of how your business could do this.

  • Spend less on heating or cooling your buildings – insulate the roof space, walls and floor to minimise the transfer of heat into or away from your buildings
  • Spend less on lighting – replace your old lighting with modern LED lights which use far less energy and can provide you with a return of investment within months.
  • Spend less on energy
    • implement better management and controls for your heating, lighting and IT so that they only consume energy when they add benefit to your company or organisation. How many times have you seen the lights switched on in offices overnight, or computer screens glowing when no-one is there?
    • implement automation systems based around sensors which control energy usage by monitoring their surroundings
    • consider whole lifetime costs when purchasing electrical and electronic appliances. You may be surprised at how much energy efficient equipment can save you
  • Spend less on waste
    • reduce the amount you have to pay to go to landfill or the incinerator, by recycling more, buying more efficiently, processing more efficiently or becoming part of the circular economy
    • monitor and manage the consumption of resources, be they raw materials, consumables or food. For example design products to use fewer resources, purchase fewer resources, store documents electronically and remove the need for using paper, or reduce the amount of packaging.
  • Spend less on travel
    • provide driving efficiency training, use electric vehicles where possible as these cost far less per mile to run, maintain vehicles.
    • don’t travel, but use technology and have video conference calls instead
  • Spend less on water – a range of products exist to help you reduce the water consumed and wasted in your business. Getting clean water to your location costs a lot in terms of money, energy and carbon. Water is heavy so it takes a lot of energy to capture, store, purify and move it.

These are just some of the ways your business can save money by going green. The question is how much can they save you and where should you start. Call GreenValue now to start saving.


It’s not just all about saving money although that’s likely to be your initial focus. There are also opportunities to increase revenues.

  • Use your existing assets to create new products and services for the emerging green markets
  • Sell your existing products and services into the emerging green markets
  • Improve your image by having a greener story to tell customers
  • Meet entrance criteria for certain markets (for example public sector requires you to have ISO 14001)


Changes to our climate and growing competition for reducing levels of finite resources can put your business at risk.

  • changing climate can
    • put new, additional stresses on your assets
    • change the markets you sell into
    • put at risk the availability of resources you acquire
    • put at risk business continuity
  • new environmental legislation
    • can impact your operational procedures
    • increasing size of fines for non-compliance
  • competition for finite resources
    • increase costs
    • lack of availability of key resources
  • changing markets and competition


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