What can we do?

It’s very easy to dismiss these issues because:

  • it’s often difficult to see their impact on the way we live
  • people argue that the sustainable actions of one person or one business are so small that they are completely ineffective – and some maintain they make a business or country uncompetitive.
  • people perceive that governments have been talking about climate change for over 20 years, yet have done very little in practical terms to address the challenges

We beg to differ of course.

  • Some parts of the world are already seeing the impacts of changing weather and rising sea levels. These are affecting people’s livelihoods now. And the carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures are showing the upward trends that were predicted.
  • We believe that going green actually increases competitiveness. There are many ways to reduce costs by going green as you can find in other parts of this website and by using the GreenValue Assessment tool. But in addition, by being aware of the growing green economy, there are opportunities to increase your revenues. There are also new risks from climate change and sustainability which can be managed effectively with least cost to your business with acceptance of the challenges and planning ahead.
  • The Kyoto protocol had a significant impact on governments around the world and many introduced different schemes and legislation to encourage and enable businesses, organisations and people to go green. The recent Paris Climate Change Agreement updated this protocol and entered into force on 4 November 2016 with 127 of the 197 parties attending the summit ratifying the agreement.

So, there are two ways that we see for people and businesses to change:

  • they are forced to by legislation
  • they see the benefits of changing

Governments are putting frameworks into place that will encourage and enforce people and businesses to become greener. We can do little about this directly, other than supporting organisations that lobby governments and showing how climate change and sustainability actions are compatible with good, effective business.

Through our web portal and partner network, we are determined to help businesses and organisations find the real value of going green and enable them to make the changes that will improve their business and reduce their negative impact on the planet. We know that the planet will survive our actions, but it is our way of life and our living standards which are truly at risk.

Using our tools and partner network. You can put green activities into business terms with robust financial cases for taking action. In this way, we can do our little bit to help minimise the impacts of climate change on the planet and protect it for our kids’ future.

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