Over time, with our clients’ permission, we will collect a series of Case Studies which will hopefully:

  • inspire you to start on the “go green” journey
  • give you some ideas
  • be informative and practical so that you can relate them to your own business or organisation.

We will organise them by category (space heating / cooling, water heating, lighting, waste etc) and look to have a reasonably standard format so you can easily pick out the ones they want to read.

    • Title
    • Brief two line summary that says what was done and the benefits achieved (e.g. “installed bio mass boiler to heat 2,000 pupil school and saved £x,000 annually”)
    • Name of consultant and delivery partners
    • Date work completed
    • Photograph
    • Statement of the problem / issue / compelling reason to act
    • How the decision was made to go ahead
    • How the partners were chosen
    • What was the solution and how was it chosen
    • RoI and Benefits expected – at start
    • RoI and Benefits achieved – at end
    • Top tips for others (what to do, what not to do)
    • Category (heating/cooling, lighting, waste, etc.)


Some testimonials:

“At Whitwam Group our business sectors of video production, event production and AV integration means all require a lot of equipment, so power consumption and weight are key concerns for us. We are always looking to improve the business operation and have already taken a few practical steps such as gradually changing to LED lighting in the office and we have practical green criteria in our equipment procurement. We wanted to see whether there were other effective green projects we should be looking at. It took about an hour to go through the assessment with the GreenValue consultant and their report was helpful in showing us where we are doing well and also where we could improve.”   Buz Ross MD Whitwam Group

“iDaCs provide cabling solutions across the UK and Ireland. We were interested in GreenValue’s offer as our office and warehouse in Chandlers Ford is generally expensive to run being cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. We found it interesting going through the assessment questionnaire with GreenValue and the report highlighted not just the obvious things we could do (such as better insulation) but also showed us new possibilities too. A good use of an hour”  Paul MD IDACS

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