Over time, with our clients’ permission, we will collect a series of Case Studies which will hopefully:

  • inspire you to start on the “go green” journey
  • give you some ideas
  • be informative and practical so that you can relate them to your own business or organisation.

We will organise them by category (space heating / cooling, water heating, lighting, waste etc) and look to have a reasonably standard format so you can easily pick out the ones they want to read.

    • Title
    • Brief two line summary that says what was done and the benefits achieved (e.g. “installed bio mass boiler to heat 2,000 pupil school and saved £x,000 annually”)
    • Name of consultant and delivery partners
    • Date work completed
    • Photograph
    • Statement of the problem / issue / compelling reason to act
    • How the decision was made to go ahead
    • How the partners were chosen
    • What was the solution and how was it chosen
    • RoI and Benefits expected – at start
    • RoI and Benefits achieved – at end
    • Top tips for others (what to do, what not to do)
    • Category (heating/cooling, lighting, waste, etc.)

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