Partner Eco-System

The GreenValue software tools identify where the best opportunities lie for your business, but it’s our partner network that’s key in helping you realise and maximise the benefits from those opportunities.

We have organised our partners into two communities:

Consultant Partners

They are available to guide you through the assessment, selecting the right projects, gaining business approval and overseeing the projects to ensure you maximise your return on investment. They will work with you to:

  • complete the assessment in the most effective way, explain the terminology and ensure that the appropriate data is collected and entered
  • update the performance dashboard with you
  • interpret the results to identify the best areas of opportunities for your business
  • bring in experienced product and services companies to do a more detailed survey in the selected area
  • help you create the business case
  • oversee the projects

Delivery Partners

They are the specialists in their area and implement the projects using their skills and products. They:

  • perform a detailed survey to provide you with the detailed numbers that can be used in your business case
  • implement and manage the projects
  • perform the post implementation survey to measure the benefits achieved
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