How – Do I go green?

Accelerate the move to a sustainable future and create business value

So, now you know why your business should go green and where you’re going to start. The next question is how do you make it happen?


  • Resource the project – with people, skills and budget
  • Set your goals and success criteria – for example define the scope of the project, the amount of energy you expect to save and the financial benefits you’re expecting to achieve
  • Identify the actions to be carried out
  • Allocate resources to the actions
  • Agree a schedule, milestones and completion date
  • Identify and manage any risks

You may have the skills, resources and capacity to do all of this in-house, but if not our partner network can supply the specialist skills, products and services to do this for you. And by the way, they also have lots of experience from other projects that they can use to help you get the most benefit from the project.


Carry out the actions and manage the project to a successful conclusion. This needs the usual project management skills to track and manage the people, actions, changes, risks and budget.

You can do all of this in-house or use the GreenValue partners and take advantage of their expertise, experience, products and services.


Has the project delivered what you expected? This step is often overlooked, but it is really so useful when you are looking to carry out the next green project. Can you use the proven savings from your first project to fund the second?

To help with this last bit, the GreenValue software tool includes a performance dashboard. This not only shows you the opportunities in each of the categories (such as space heating and cooling, transport, waste, etc.) but also, once a project is complete, the benefits achieved.


Now you’ve achieved the benefits from your latest project, review the dashboard to help you identify your next project.

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