Accelerating the changes businesses must make to be more sustainable!


To accelerate the changes that businesses and organisations must make to be more sustainable, by finding the business incentives to do this.

We make it easy and cost effective to:

  • Find and evaluate the business advantages of going green
  • Implement the projects and achieve the benefits via trusted specialist companies who are GreenValue partners

We do this by offering:

  • online tools which businesses and organisations can use to discover their best opportunities to improve their business by going green
  • a network of partners who are experts in their field to work with you to identify and implement the best Return-on-Investment based projects


We believe that the issues relating to climate change and sustainability are huge and urgent and we must address them now.

Whilst governments prevaricate about what to do, it’s actually individuals and businesses that are taking action. Our vision is to help businesses accelerate these actions and achieve business benefits at the same time. By doing this, we can play our small part in reducing the adverse effects of climate change for the sake of the lives our children and grand-children.

Therefore, we have created our software tools and partner network to make it easy to identify and implement practical green projects that achieve these benefits, through cost savings, increased revenues, better risk management or through having a reputation and values system that chimes better with your customers.

Why is this so huge and urgent?

There is a lot of information on these subjects which we’re not going to repeat here, but it nets down to

  • Global Warming
    Already the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere has increased from 280 ppm (parts per million) before the industrial revolution to over 405 ppm in 2017 according to the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change).

    This increase has resulted in a warming global temperature. It’s worth noting that the last 5 years (2014-2018) have been the hottest years ever recorded.

    Scientists predict that on our current course we will exceed the 550 ppm CO2 (the level at which the increase the temperature of our planet will be 2°C) within this century. This will cause huge devastation to large parts of the planet and the life it currently sustains – and that includes us. It will also impact businesses and organisations hugely and society will be destabilised with the resultant catastrophic effect on business.

Although 2°C doesn’t sound much, to put it into context, a reduction by this amount resulted in the last, lengthy ice age. And just remember, it wasn’t easy doing business during the ice age as people had more basic things to think about.

  • Sustainability
    According to WWF we are already consuming global resources at a rate which is not sustainable. If all the world consumed resources at the same rate as America does, then we would need 5 planets! For Europe the figure is 3 planets.
    As major economies such as China, India and Brazil expand, the pressure on resources will increase, making it more difficult to buy resources and if you can get hold of them, they will be more expensive. In a very parochial view, how will these factors affect your business?

What’s the solution?

Act – before it is too late – not only for the planet, but also to gain competitive edge. New clean technologies are being introduced so quickly that it is hard to keep up with them. We do, so that you can benefit.

Don’t be one of the laggards who think this is not for them. They can use a whole host of excuses not to act – they can’t see the impact of climate change on the way we live, the impact one person or one business can have is too small, or that it costs money to be green.

It’s quite the reverse and many companies are quietly becoming more sustainable and more competitive.

  • Reduce your energy bills in any number of ways:
    • Have someone responsible for measuring and managing your energy consumption. This often highlights where energy is simply being wasted and some low or no cost actions can make a big difference. A typical saving is around 10%
    • Insulate your buildings better. Why spend all that money on heating a building only for it to easily leak out through poorly insulated walls, ceilings, floors and windows?
    • Use modern energy efficient lighting. LED’s consume only 10% of the energy of the old style electric bulbs and they can be linked to automation so they are only illuminated when needed. In addition, if you’re maintenance team is spending a lot of time and your money replacing lights that have failed, then this will cut this out as LED lights have a vastly longer life.
  • Reduce money spent on travel.
    Ok, for longer journeys, electric vehicles are not quite there yet, apart from the rather expensive Tesla cars. But if business travel consists of shorter journeys, then you should be aware that electric vehicles cost around 2p per mile – about 20% of the cost of petrol or diesel cars. This will not only save you money, but reduce carbon emissions and air pollution too.

    Alternatively, avoid business miles by using technology. Audio and video conferencing capabilities have improved significantly over recent years and can save all the travelling – and give time back to your staff.

  • Reduce resource consumption
    Not always so easy to do, but possible nevertheless and worth it as this can save significant sums of money. It’s worth asking yourself:
    • Do you need all the resources you purchase? What percentage of bought-in resources are used. Are there specific resources that almost go straight from purchase to waste – this can particularly apply to items such as food.
    • Can your products use fewer resources – by different design, perhaps?

Can you use more renewable, rather than finite, resources?

In summary, these are just a small selection of ways that you can be more sustainable and save money. Let our assessment unearth your best opportunities.



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